Root canal treatment may be required when the tooth’s blood vessels and nerves are infected and are threatening loss of the tooth. The root canal can get infected for a number of reasons including tooth decay, gum disease and injury, all of which can destroy nerves and blood vessels.

Infected Root Canal Symptoms Include:

  • Pain when biting and chewing

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold drinks

  • Unusual facial swelling

  • A small pustule (pimple) adjacent to the affected tooth

The root canal process involves removing all infection from the pulp of the tooth. The pulp (root) is cleaned and filled with a rubber sealant to prevent any further disease. The treatment may take two or three visits to the dentist, to ensure the health of your original tooth. After most root canal procedures, the dentist will recommend fitting crowns over the filled teeth because of the high risk of tooth fracture.

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