Over the years there has been debate about the safety of amalgam fillings and their potential risk to our health.

Amalgams were a popular material in the past because they are easy to place and they hold up for a long time, but amalgams require more tooth removal than the new restorations that we have today. Because amalgams don’t bond to teeth, a dentist has to cut an undercut in a tooth to hold it in place. With larger cavities it can significantly undermine the tooth structure and lead to fractures later on.

There are alternatives to amalgam that are more supportive to the tooth and are more aesthetically pleasing. They range from bonded composite (white filling) to porcelain crowns and onlays. Because of the new advanced materials and techniques our practice does not use amalgam.

We recommend you replace your amalgam filling if they are broken, there is decay beneath them or you desire a more aesthetically pleasing result.



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