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White Fillings

If you need a filling, we have a more aesthetic and less invasive alternative to traditional silver (amalgam) at Whites Dental Care. Today’s composite restorations are made of white material that blends in with your natural smile. Plus, they bond closely to the tooth structure, making them smaller and more conservative than the fillings used in years past. Today’s composite white fillings are practically as effective and long-lasting as traditional amalgam fillings.

The Advantages of White Fillings

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Perhaps the most obvious advantage of a white filling versus an amalgam one is aesthetics. White fillings look more natural and blend in seamlessly with your teeth.

Having a white filling requires less healthy tissue to be removed when they’re put in.

The biggest disadvantage of amalgam fillings is they leave your teeth at increased risk of cracking. This is because the old technology amalgam fillings expand or “effectively rust” on the edges. This expansion can cause the tooth to crack.

What to Expect

First, we will ensure your tooth is numbed. Then, we’ll remove the active tooth decay or old silver filling. Next, we’ll use a particular solution to prep your tooth, apply a bonding agent, then shape the composite into the area. When everything looks right, we’ll use a light to set it so that the material hardens in place.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

The symptoms of tooth decay will only appear once the decay is well advanced. This is why it is so important that tooth decay is detected early during a dental examination in conjunction with dental X-rays where appropriate. Here are some warning signs of tooth decay:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Pain when you eat or drink something sweet
  • A rough or sharp area on your tooth
  • Food or floss getting caught
  • Visible darkening

We’ll want to take a small X-ray to determine the extent of the cavity. Our goal is to catch the decay before it spreads into your tooth nerve or adjacent teeth. Not all cavities hurt. So, if you suspect there’s something wrong but your tooth isn’t sensitive, it’s still important for us to check the area.

Book an Exam Today

Have a cavity? Thinking about replacing your silver filling? Our white fillings at Neutral Bay match your smile and are healthier for your teeth. Contact us today.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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